The Black Fang Syndicate Whitepaper

The Black Fang Syndicate Whitepaper

Welcome to The Black Fang Syndicate whitepaper. This document lays out what we’re all about, what we expect from you as a member or prospective member, and what you can expect from the Corporation in return.

Who We Are & Where We’ve Been

The Black Fang Syndicate was formed in early 2021. Since then, we’ve lived in low-sec as part of a small alliance (for a very short time), in Syndicate (NPC Null) as a solo corporation, in Outer Ring as part of a mid-sized alliance, in Venal as part of The Brotherhood of Spacers alliance, and now in Wicked Creek as part of Cold Pixels Alliance. We are a PVP focused corporation. While we focus on PVP, we have industry, PVE, exploration, and many other activities that are sure to interest anyone who is interested in becoming a member.

Corporation structure

The CEO of The Black Fang Syndicate is ClaymoreRoomba. The directors for The Black Fang Syndicate are Kane Mckenzie and Justyhead. Any questions or comments can be asked to any one of the people above.


All members are expected to agree with and adhere to these principles. If any of these seems disagreeable to you, The Black Fang Syndicate may not be a good fit for you.


Members are expected to behave in a mature fashion at all times. This means talking problems out or bringing them up with directors, being polite to both our friends and our enemies, and behaving reasonably well on voice comms and in text chat. If another member asks you to tone down your behavior, you are expected to listen; if you have a problem with another member’s behavior, you may bring it up with them (in private conversation; do not call out another member in a chat channel or on voice comms) or with a director. Eve is ultimately a video game, and everyone you meet is another human being sitting behind a computer; you should treat them accordingly.

Note that we do swear like sailors on comms. Profanity is fine, slurs are not.

While it’s fine to drink and fly or “fly high”, please bear in mind that you’re always expected to abide by the white paper, and that how drunk or high you are is probably a lot less interesting to your corpmates than it seems to you. If someone asks you to take the discussion somewhere else, do so.

Also note that some phrases, behaviors, and topics are already known to make members uncomfortable and are to be avoided, even if you’re being ironic:

Joking about rape or any domestic violence incident.

Racism for any reason. There is no place for it in BFS.

Politics. In game politics are fine, so long as you remain civil. Real world politics are a No-Go.

Religion should not be discussed, unless part of an in-game religion.

Regardless of how you personally feel about these, you should avoid them in voice and text chat.


The Black Fang Syndicate tries to foster an environment of inclusivity, which means that people of all ages, races, sexualities, belief systems, and so on feel welcome and accepted in our community. Making any member of the corp feel unwelcome on any of these bases is uninclusive and unacceptable. In particular, racist and homophobic language is forbidden. The corp directors and your peers are expected to police this rule actively. It is important to be specifically inclusive of newer or lower-SP players. This means calling fleets that have room for players of all SP levels, but it also means that denigrating other players for being new or low-SP is frowned upon.

Using Your Brain

As a member, you are expected to be learning and helping others learn, and you are expected to be thinking about what you are doing. You are expected to read and understand documents and guides, and to learn from your own mistakes and the mistakes of your corp-mates. Your corp-mates are eager to help, but the responsibility for listening is yours. Dying repeatedly in an ineffective fit, even after discussions with corp-mates about it, is not using your brain. Dying to an enemy gang that you have already been warned about is not using your brain. Doing things in high-sec while we have an active war is not using your brain.


We believe that patience is often the key to victory. This means being willing to wait, sometimes for a long time, to get something important done. You should be willing to wait when needed without complaining. It is fine to leave a fleet that is taking too long for your liking, but it is not fine to complain about how long a fleet is taking.


There are some things we expect of you as a member that are not described above:

You are expected to be able to listen on voice comms when you are playing. Being able to talk on voice comms as well is very useful. Voice comms are generally quiet and calm, but sometimes urgent announcements (enemy gangs sighted and so on) will be delivered only on voice comms.

You are expected to join the “standing fleet” when you are in space in or near our home and not on another fleet. The standing fleet lets other members quickly warp to you if you get into trouble and has saved many ships.

You are expected to come on defensive PvP ops. If someone in standing fleet is in trouble, or a gang is in our home system, you should be willing to stop PvE-ing and help defend. If you are in trouble, your corpmates are equally expected to come and help you. If our citadels or other assets in space are under attack, your directors will frown at you if you are doing PvE instead of helping defend them. That said, real life comes first in all cases, and nobody will ever be upset at you for not attending an op, scheduled or otherwise.


If all of this sounds good, you can find more info about applying here.