Apply to BFS

After a brief closure of recruitment, BFS is recruiting again! We have recently moved, and are getting set up in our new home! We are also brand new members of The Brotherhood of Spacers [B0SS] alliance. Come join us for some good NPC Null fun!

BFS is a small USTZ corporation with a great community of people. Have you ever been playing and thought “I wish I could be part of a real close knit community”? If so, we are the group for you. Our leadership chain has years of EVE experience and are great at both teaching newbros the ropes and bringing returning players back into the game. If you are looking for a corporation that strives to create a relaxed atmosphere while providing a great EVE experience, we are for you! We, in cooperation with our alliance, work hard to create tons of content that every player can enjoy.

What does BFS ask of our members?

  • Be in comms when participating in fleets.
  • Participate with the alliance and the corp.
  • Be able to speak and understand english to a reasonable extent.
  • Be active.
  • Have a minimum of 5M SP and are 2 months old (this is to ensure that players understand the basics of the game and can participate in ops with the corp and alliance).
  • You bring all of your characters to the corp.
  • Register all of your characters with our web services.

And what are the benefits of joining us?

  • A tight-knit group of people from all walks of life that enjoy helping each other.
  • A corp buyback program.
  • We are active on comms.
  • We provide a lot of training opportunities for everyone.
  • Security of belonging to a well-established alliance.
  • Leadership opportunities for experienced and dedicated players.

What are some of the things you can expect to do in BFS?

  • PVP ops (BLOPS, gate camps, small gang roams, etc.)
  • PVE ops (burner missions, ratting, etc.)
  • Wormhole exploration
  • Industry (moon mining, production, etc.)

If any of this interests you, feel free to drop into our discord and ask us questions! We monitor discord regularly and will respond as soon as we are able to!